With Manuel Ciantar you can get a wide choice of shutters and doors for a multitude of uses. Our products include a range of heavy duty shutters for stores, aluminium roller shutters, automated garage doors, sectional doors and automated gates.

We present our clients with a range of remote control motors, sectional doors and more. Our main specialty lies in roller shutters and four-leaf garage doors, however we also provide our clients with sectional doors and gates.

For anyone who is looking for an innovative and efficient solution, we at Manuel Ciantar hold a choice of automated solar powered gate motors. These are ideal for use in fields and other remote places where one does not have access to electricity.

They are also beneficial for people who would like a more environmentally friendly home, as the motor itself works using a high end solar powered technology. These solar powered motors can be used on gates, shutters and garage doors of any kind. Through their automated systems, they make use of a range of renewable energies instead of regular electricity.

Some of the models that we hold can also run on batteries or regular electricity. However, most people would rather opt for a solar powered one, as they can still work just as efficiently if there is a blackout or any other power-related problems.

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The services at Manuel Ciantar do not stop at presenting you with our products. We also provide our clients with a complete and all-round solution to any requirements that they may have.

At our store we offer you a choice of solutions that include maintenance and services for the products that we offer. Whether your door has unexpectedly stopped working or you need to be reassured that everything is fine, our after sales services are designed to cater for your needs.

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No matter what time it is, we are available to present you with emergency solutions to your door-related plights. Be it late in the evening or early morning, we are here to help you solve any issue you might encounter.

We provide our clients with regular servicing solutions on their automated doors. This is not only ideal to present you with ease of mind, but also for us to nip the problem in the bud. If one of our workers spots a snag in your system, we will do our utmost to solve it in the shortest amount of time possible.

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